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Three Things to Consider Before Shopping

Life experiences make us stronger, whether it is good, bad or life threatening. There is always a lesson behind these struggles. But there are those that even we tasted the bitterness of its result we still continue on doing it, although we know what will be the effect of it in the long run. Every time you create your budget, there is always a time that you will not follow what you have made. That maybe because of an emergency or just a simple mistake that you forgot something important that should be on the list. This common error can be reinstated, how about your habit of overspending?

During the first of the month you create your goal with great intentions of saving. And yet you find yourself mindlessly shopping and buying those things that you don’t really need. As a result, you ruin your budget for the month and tell yourself that you will not do it again next month. But, you continuously do it and you are still draining your budget on shopping. If you can’t control yourself then that would be your weakness. You can’t be financially stable if you behave like this but there are ways to minimize your spending habits while shopping.

Ask for loyalty cards as most top brands, malls or establishments have this. If you are addicted to a certain brand you can ask them if they offer loyalty / membership cards. You can get it for free or reach a certain amount of purchase to get it or even buy it for a discounted price. You can use this card to earn points or get exclusive deals from the establishment.  The points that you earned can be used as cash for future purchases. This is a marketing strategy to get more data from you and make you go back to their store.

Another way to save while shopping is by using coupon. This coupon is a ticket that is made of paper. It is can be redeemed in a certain store as a discount or rebate when purchasing a product. But since we are in the digital age you can find many of these coupons online. They are called voucher codes. Unlike coupons that has physical form voucher codes gives you only a combination of letters and numbers as what the name implies. You can find this by searching on the internet and can only be used online. Find more information about these voucher codes here. There are big companies that use this kind of marketing strategy, because it is safer and time saving than going to the malls.

Last but not the least is on sale items. You can save more money by looking for on sale items in the mall. These items can be out of season or didn't pass their quality control but can be usable. But beware of the items that you thought will give you savings. Usually these are the marketing strategy of the stores to increase their profits. Think first before you buy such items and ask yourself, Can these items be used regularly? Are you able to you this for a couple of years? Does this meet my needs? Note that these are just the most basic questions that can help you save money.


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